Angel Mimicry
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Mackenzie using angelic power to heal
Ability to:
mimic features and powers associated with an angel

Angel mimicry is the ability to gain several angelic features and abilities associated with angels.



Castiel Goldston

Since Castiel is yet to manifest this ability, his limits aren't yet fully known. However, he'll be able to use it to give himself wings, to heal and to be summoned by others.

Aoki Petrelli

Aoki will be able to use this ability to give himself several angelic features and powers. He will have the capacity to grow wings, which will be nearly invisible and will appear only as shadows. With these he will be able to fly so rapidly his movement will seem almost instantaneous. He will also be able to appear immediately next to any person who has summoned him by naming him aloud. Additionally, he will be able to heal and kill people with a touch.

Mackenzie Parkman

Mackenzie's ability will enable her to heal herself and others from various injuries and illnesses, to move objects telekinetically and to move instantaneously from one location to another. Whenever she uses the ability, it will cause her to emit a bright white light. She will also be able to alter reality to a small degree, but will find this more difficult and strenuous than other uses.

Similar Abilities

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