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Blake as a child

Blake Darren Petrelli is a character used by Lowri in the future of World 11: Villains. He will be the eldest son and second child of Diana and Evan Petrelli. He will possess the abilities of Metallic Bones, Photosynthesis and Building Manipulation.



Blake as an adult

Blake will have dark blue eyes and intensely curly blonde hair even as a small child. His hair will keep the same curly texture and light blonde colouring throughout his life. Originally, his skin tone will be quite pale. However, as he grows older he will become more tanned as a result of his love of spending time outdoors. His skin will also have a temporary green tint whenever he uses his ability of photosynthesis. He will have an athletic build.



Metallic bones showing in an X ray

Blake's first ability will be Metallic Bones. This ability will mean that his bones will be metallic at all times. It will make him denser, stronger and more durable, as well as protecting his body from harm since the metal would absorb impacts and protect his vital organs. However, the metal will also make him vulnerable to metallokinesis. The ability will be derived from his father's metallic wings.

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A woman photosynthesising

His second ability will be Photosynthesis. Using this ability, Blake will be able to use sunlight, water and carbon dioxide to generate energy. He could use this energy to sustain himself, to increase his energy levels and to heal simple injuries. The stronger the levels of light he is exposed to, the more energy he could produce in a specific amount of time. However, to use the ability, he must always have access to light, as well as the chemical constituents necessary. Artificial light could be used instead of sunlight, at need, but it will be weaker and will take more time. The ability will also give his skin a temporary green tint while in use.

His third ability will be Building Manipulation. This ability will enable Blake to alter the structure of buildings. For example, he could use it to change the rooms a building contains, to create or remove doors or windows, or even to enlarge the entire building. It could also be used to communicate with buildings, and could make buildings aware of their interiors and surroundings, so Blake could use it to inform himself about what's happening in another room or outside. It could also affect systems in-built into a building, such as lighting, heating or ventilation.

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Blake is an English name meaning "dark, black" or "bright, shining". His middle name, Darren, is a Welsh name which means "burnt land or hill". His surname is an Italian version of an originally Greek name which means "rock".

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