Brigitte as a child

Brigitte Greta Aaran is a character used by Lowri in the future of World 11: Villains. She will be the second daughter and child of Ava Brook. She will possess the abilities of Visibility Manipulation, Mental Precognition and Seismokinesis.


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Brigitte as an adult

Brigitte will be quite similar to her older sister Caylee in appearance. She will have the same curly hair texture and the same dark brown eyes. However, her hair will be a rich brown instead of entirely black. She will also dye it a lighter colour as an adult. Her skin will tan more easily, as she will take more after her Hispanic maternal heritage. Brigitte will be slightly taller than her older sister once they are both adults, meaning that she will also be taller than her mother.


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Making a man invisible

Brigitte's first ability will be Visibility Manipulation. Using this ability, she will be able to make herself and other people invisible. However, she won't be able to prevent perception by other means. She will also be able to make an object invisible, and make something or someone selectively invisible, so that he, she or it can be seen by some selected people, but not by others. Additionally, she could make people and objects highly visible, so that it would be impossible to miss, overlook or ignore them, She will never need contact to use the ability.


Sensing an attack from behind

Her second ability will be Mental Precognition. Brigitte will be capable of hearing people's thoughts and intentions whenever these people are planning future actions and decisions. For example, while fighting, she would be able to hear her opponents' next moves whenever these individuals decide upon them. She would also be able to hear anything a precognitive has sensed and is keeping secret, but wouldn't hear any precognitions which have been shared.

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Producing seismic waves

Her third ability will be Seismokinesis. This will enable her to generate, manipulate and destroy tremors and vibrations. She could produce these from her hands, or release them in the form of claps, stomps and fields. Her ability could be used to throw others backwards, or to disorientate and upset balance. The seismic fields could also cause earthquakes. She could use the ability to disintegrate objects if the tremors were to be fixated within that object, and to produce a soundless seismic scream whose effects would prove similar to a sonic scream.

Family & Relationships

History & Future


Brigitte is a Gaelic name which means "strength". It can also mean "exalted one", and is the name of a Celtic goddess of poetry and wisdom. Her middle name, Greta, is derived from the name Margaret, a Germanic name meaning "pearl". The surname Aaran's origin is unclear, but it may be derived from Aaron, a Hebrew name meaning "mountain".

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