Capability Mimicry
Awi taser gun

Mimicking the skill to use a taser
Ability to:
mimic the capabilities of others

Capability Mimicry is the ability to mimic the skills and knowledge of a nearby individual.



This ability means that the characters who possess it can mimic any skill or knowledge from anyone within a specific radius, but only skills and knowledge gained naturally. They cannot mimic abilities or anything gained through an ability. The ability is deliberately activated, and once something is mimicked it is kept until exchanged for something else. The ability's radius is small, originally, but will grow the longer a person has the ability. The amount of control over the mimicked knowledge or skills will also grow, with time.

Similar Abilities

  • Adoptive muscle memory is the ability to mimic physical skills from sight
  • Flashing can be used to gain knowledge and skills
  • Elucidation is the ability to work out how things work
  • Mimicry can also be used to copy the knowledge and skills of a person
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