Collin as a child

Collin Jayden Redford is a character used by Lowri in the future of World 11: Villains. He will be the third child and second son of Naomi and Iain Redford. He will possess the ability of Hydroplosion.



Collin as an adult

Like his older siblings Cordelia and Mallory, Collin will inherit his mother's dark brown eyes. His hair will also be brown, and as an infant he will have the exact same dark brown, almost black shade as Naomi and his siblings, but it will begin lightening while he is still a child. His skin will always be pale. He will also have a scattering of freckles on his cheeks every summer.


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Creating a water explosion

Collin's first ability will be Hydroplosion. This ability will enable him to create water-based explosions from his hands which he could then throw at a target, or to place the explosions inside an object or a person, killing or destroying when detonated, and turning the remains into water. He will be able to absorb this water, or any other form of water, meaning that he could never drown.  However, he won't be capable of manipulating water in any other way, or creating it without using an explosion.

Family & Relationships

History & Future


Collin is a Gaelic name meaning "dove". His middle name, Jayden, is a Hebrew name which means "thankful". It can also refer to a jade stone. His surname of Redford is an English name meaning "red river crossing".

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