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Solidifying water to create stepping stones
Ability to:
solidify liquids

Gelidkinesis is the ability to change water or any other liquid into a jelly-like substance, or to completely solidify it.



Vincent Matthews

At first, Vincent will need to move his hands while concentrating in order to change liquids, although he will later develop the ability so that it doesn't require movement of the hands. He will also have to be conscious to use this ability. He could use it to clear obstacles with liquid over or in them, by solidifying the liquid till the obstacles explode, but he won't be able to do this if there is no liquid present. His ability could also be used to make a pathway across a body of water by solidifying certain portions of the water.

Katie Greene

Katie's uses of this ability will be similar to Vincent's. She too will need to be conscious and to concentrate in order to solidify liquids. However, she will never need to use hand gestures to access the ability.

Camille Firelock-Reddan-Morrel

Camille will need eye contact in order to solidify liquids. She will not be able to use her ability if her eyes are closed or if she cannot see. However, she will never need to make any hand gestures. It will enable her to solidify any liquid, though she will normally use it on water, and she will be able to break through obstacles in aquatic surroundings, create pathways to walk on water and solidify liquids to make protective shields.

Elsa Parkman

Elsa's ability will enable her to solidify water. She won't be able to affect any other liquids. Using the ability, she will be able to solidify water to break down objects, and solidify a pathway of water in order to walk upon it. She could also use the ability to create protective shields from water and to weaponize water droplets or spray. She will need to gesture with her hands to access the ability, but won't need to see the water she is using it on. The water she affects will remain clear but will look solid.

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