Psionic Energy Manipulation

Annie throws a psionic bolt from her hands
Ability to:
manipulate psionic energy

Psionic energy manipulation is the ability to manipulate and wield energy that is produced by the mind. It also incorporates making psi energy a physical force.



Louise Malus-Calwin

Louise displayed this ability at a very young age, even at a day old. She created a physical blast that could repel objects or people from her, which she did to her father. Louise has developed this ability to create stronger blasts to knock people backwards and even create shock waves. Her use of the ability has developed greatly, since she has shown to create balls of psi energy that upon impact can cause psychological effects on her victims. She then showed that she was able to create a smilodon from this energy, mimicking her wereform. Her psionic smilodon acts as a protector for her, and when it attacks her victims, it not only causes physical injuries but mental injuries too. Louise has used the ability to move objects with her mind, however this is a very weak form of telekinesis. This ability has been shown to give Louise a natural immunity to mental abilities, including Seth Grey's ability manipulation since his is mental based, and these are therefore ineffective against her.

Ana Petrelli

Unlike Louise, Ana will not be immune to mental abilities. However, she will be able to form shock waves, bolts and spheres of psionic energy, and release a nova of it, which all harm her enemies mentally. She'll also be able to produce a protective cocoon from this energy around herself, which will shield her from both physical and mental threats. She'll be able to sense the presence of others with this ability whatever they do to attempt to hide, she will have some immunity to the ability itself, and she will be able to shield others from the ability's effects at will. With great effort, she'll be able to create short range portals from psionic energy. In her case, all of the various energy constructs she produce appear as a glowing blue light.

Annie Doyle

Annie can manipulate psionic energy in a variety of ways. She can use her ability offensively, releasing the energy either in targeted bursts or a wider blast-wave, and in either case the energy will affect the minds of anyone it touches. It will confuse, disorientate, cause mental pain and bring back traumatic memories and emotions. She can also release a weaker form of psionic energy which instead has a restorative and healing mental effect. This helps heal emotional damage and can occasionally restore memories. Annie is immune to several mental abilities as a result of her own psionic protection.

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