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Werelions are a species of werecreatures who are humans possessing the capability to transform into a lion.


Being a werelion is genetic, meaning that it is hereditary. Any humans with the capability to shift into lions will be able to do so once they have reached maturity, and it normally first occurs when they are in their teens. It is known that there is no need for any trigger in order to shift into a werelion. However the true origin of where werelions come from and how they came into existence remains unknown.


Werelions operate in prides similarly to how werewolves do in packs. They have a leader similar to an Alpha, although not called by this title, who can also command the members in a similar method. There is a pride telepathic bond which is similar in nature to a pack one, but not as strong.

Physical Appearance

Werelions in their human form tend to be tall, muscular and well-built. They also tend to have tanned skin and either blonde or ginger hair. In their lion form, they simply look like large and strong lions.

Werelion Gifts

Werelions possess the ability to shift into a lion wereform. They also have increased speed, strength, senses and healing. Whilst they are still shifting, they do not age, but they begin ageing against once they retire and stop phasing into their wereform. They do have a telepathic pride mind, but this is weaker than the connection in a werewolf pack. Werelions possess the capacity to imprint, but the occurrence is rare. A werelion can also have an additional ability.

Known Werelions

  • Ryan McKenzie
  • Jason McKenzie (retired werelion)
  • Emma McKenzie (retired werelion)
  • Cara McKenzie
  • Michaela McKenzie
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